Antoine Navarro and Yaki Man

design by an architect and a graphic designer


We honor the vital relationship between architecture and visual design. Our diverse design beliefs have lead us to explore solutions across a multitude of industries and mediums. Infusing and harmonising our distinct visions and skills into every design approach, together we achieve more cohesive results. We are here to support and help people to bring their unique visions to life.

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Antoine Navarro earned his master degree in architecture from the National Architecture University of Versailles. He has worked in Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

“I like to incorporate nature into architecture. I wonder where we are heading in the universe and am fascinated by ancient civilizations.”


Yaki Man graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design from California College of Arts. She has worked in Hong Kong and San Francisco and has collaborated with brands around the world.

"I am often inspired by ancient and modern art. I like to express feeling and energy through the exploration of mix medias."