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private villa and bar architecture design and branding

design by an architect and a graphic designer



Uncle Puff's 

Architecture Design
Brand Identity & Art Direction
Private Villa, Bar



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Uncle Puff's is one of the worlds best-kept secrets, built for the man himself. Uncle Puff envisaged a place where his friends and select guests could come and indulge in the finer things. A man of eccentricities, he is as charitable as he is adventurous, loves his cigars, never turns down an excellent barrel aged whiskey and a notorious bachelor.


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The design and space is a direct reflection of Uncle Puff's character. A modern villa that embraces masculine elements, it is simple yet incredibly cosy. Where the bottom level uses heavy and solid materials like concrete to allow for support, the top half of the exterior takes on a lighter form, with wood and glass elements to let light shine through. 

Never shy and always looking to wow, the pool is used as a cantilever and places heavy emphasis on the villa's entrance. To top it all off, the roof is made of a thin material and reaches over the brim to allow for optimal shade during day time.


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The brand identity of Uncle Puff's is intrinsically linked with the mystery of the man. Mysterious, charming and a lover of dark humor, the art choices and design reflect this. Many would call him the modern day Gatsby, but he is so much more. Seduced by pops of color, mixed media prints and all that is modern-vintage, his space reflects his lust for life.



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An intimate entrance leads you to main area where you are greeted by double high ceilings and natural foliage both inside and outside. This is where Uncle Puff urges you to make yourself at home.



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The first floor features large openings on all sides creating an open plan feel. In the middle sits a fully stocked bar with any and all cocktail accoutrements. Large beams are stacked above, a structural ceiling like this allows the swimming pool to sit above, in fact, a portion of the pool itself is visible for those inclined to peek.




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The second floor is an instant hit for its 360 views of this remote paradise. The room itself is a cigar lounge meets living room, both plush and upscale. The glass doors open up onto a vast terrace where the festivities continue and a long pool.

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